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Back to Nature -

A journey into the depths of your being 
Holistic Embodiment, Yoga, Ayurveda & Breathwork Retreat


Date: 19th - 24th of May 2024

Location: Malama Retreat, Portugal


Do you hear the call for change?

Do you want to be more in touch with yourself and your natural rhythms?

Do you want to find out why you are here?


What makes this retreat special:


Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life and find yourself in nature. The location for the retreat is in the middle of the beautiful Portuguese countryside, surrounded by trees, meadows and close to the sea. Here you can retreat from the hectic pace of day-to-day life for a week and reconnect with yourself and nature.

The "Back to Nature" Retreat is a unique opportunity to rediscover and experience yourself. You will take a journey into the depths of your soul and reconnect with your body, mind and nature. This will allow you to consciously feel yourself and your needs again and drive your personal growth. This space allows you to connect with yourself, your fellow human beings and nature. 

After the retreat, you will have a valuable collection of tools and methods that will accompany you on your further path and support you in your everyday life to stay connected. I also encourage you to formulate your own personal intention that will accompany you on your journey in order to have a clear purpose or goal in mind.


What to expect:


Bodywork and movement:

To best support your physical and mental wellbeing, each day is dedicated to a specific focus topic, carefully chosen to guide your processes in an empowering way. This approach allows me to gently guide you and build the necessary energy to dive deeper and more meaningfully into our healing journey. Yoga is practiced daily and again the styles and sequences adapt to the needs in the topic area of the day. Various holistic techniques such as movement, embodiment and mindfulness exercises will accompany you on your journey. Yoga is practiced daily and here, too, the styles and sequences are adapted to the needs of the topic of the day. Pranayama and breathwork will also be part of the retreat, bringing you even closer to your essence.


Senses & Purpose:

When you are truly connected to your senses, you feel the profound connection with nature. Together we will prepare some Ayurvedic and vegan meals, using fresh, regional and seasonal produce, aromatic spices and inspiring recipes. It takes the tension off your system and allows the energy to flow to where it is needed. You will also be able to take home some helpful tips on nutrition and food preparation. It will also sharpen your sense of taste and deepen your appreciation of Mother Nature's resources. Experience the breathtaking beauty of nature with all your senses and let its uniqueness and grounding energy work its magic on you. Various meditations or body journeys, for example, also enhance the senses and allow you to connect with your essence. 


In our modern world, characterized by abundance and artificiality, we often forget the power of simplicity. This retreat offers you the opportunity to take a step back from these artificial rhythms and focus on the essentials. This environment allows healing and self-discovery to take place. We will work with different tools to build resilience in our nervous system and better deal with the stressful situations of everyday life.

The retreat is an opportunity to discover your own resources and learn how to integrate and use them in your daily life. This retreat offers you a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and a chance to reconnect with yourself - in an environment that promotes stillness, healing and personal growth. There is space for creativity, withdrawal, sharing, adventures and exploration.

About me:


Maria Helena

My vision is to accompany you on your life journey. I want you to slowly let go of all the conditioning, expectations and shells that are holding you back - so you can meet the person waiting for you beneath those layers. My wish is that we all come into our full power, fully realize our potential and learn to trust our intuition more.

My healing path has evolved into a path where I feel empowered and able to guide people holistically. What began with yoga training has now developed into holistic work based on Ayurveda & Coaching. Various methods and further training in the areas of Systemic Work, Embodiment, the Somatic System, Breathwork, Reiki, working as a Doula and also Massages give me a holistic view of body, mind and soul.


More here


Accommodation & Price:


It is a beautiful property with powerful energy. You sleep in a tippi tent surrounded by trees and a horse meadow. The yoga house provides a safe and quiet space and the cozy kitchen invites you to cook and share together. The proximity to the sea enriches this experience with additional activities such as walks on the beach or surf lessons - perfect ways to enjoy free time in nature.

The facility is off-grid, which means that water and electricity are self-generated. This means that conscious consumption of resources brings mindfulness for nature. It gives you the perfect opportunity to reflect on your habits and raise awareness of what a privilege it is to be able to use these resources. Depending on single or double/tripple occupancy, the retreat costs vary. Price includes accommodation, meals, small excursions and services as part of my work on the retreat. (Excluding flight, transportation costs, private excursions or additionally booked services)

Transfer can be organized on request.

Shared Tippi

Early bird 950 € (booking till 25th March 2024)

Regular 1150 €

Single Tippi

Early bird 1050 € (booking till 25th March 2024)

Regular 1250 €




Roncão, 7540-515 

São Francisco da Serra 




This is an exemplary schedule, which may be adapted to the topics and needs of the retreat.

7 a.m. Tea

7.30 - 8.30 a.m. Yoga

9 - 10.30 a.m. Breathwork/Workshop/Excursion

10.30 a.m. Brunch



3 - 6 p.m. Workshop/Movement Session/Excursion

6 p.m. Dinner

8 p.m. Joint conclusion of the day


Registration and contact:

If you are ready for "Back to Nature" - A journey into the depth of your being, I look forward to welcoming you at Malama Retreat in Portugal. Contact me for more information and registration at 

The "Back to Nature" retreat is a unique opportunity to connect with yourself and nature. It is a journey that can change your life.

Ps.: Have a look at the location or their Instagram account! You'll find some impressions there :)

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