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Breathwork Journey

4th August, 9 am (3 h)

  • 3 Std.
  • 45 Euro
  • Escape Bamboo


Breathwork Journey - Your journey of inner transformation Breathwork is a profound practice that guides you to connect deeply with your true essence and release emotional blockages. In our sessions, we embrace the Conscious Connected Breath to explore our inner landscapes, ignite creativity, and clarify our minds. This process not only cultivates profound inner peace but also stimulates your vital energy. Our Breathwork Journey is crafted to assist you in reducing stress and fostering a state of harmony and well-being. By weaving in gentle movements and moments of integration, we craft a holistic experience that nurtures both body and soul. This practice is accessible to everyone, regardless of experience or fitness level. Step into a sanctuary where you are empowered to release, heal, and rediscover your authentic self. You don't need any prior experience, but I ask that you please fill out a form in advance so we can discuss any potential contraindications. I ask that you please contact me in advance and fill out a form that I will send you. This allows me to tailor our approach and determine whether a Breathwork session can truly benefit you or if there are specific considerations you should be aware of. I rely on this process to create a safe space for everyone involved. Please send me an email at or a WhatsApp message at +4915154793883. Preparation for the Breathing Journey Ensure your stomach is light and free by avoiding heavy meals at least 2 hours prior (a light breakfast early is fine). Dress in comfortable clothing that allows you to breathe freely and move with ease. Bring along a bottle of water and a sarong or scarf for your comfort during the relaxation phase. If you'd like to capture your reflections, feel free to bring a journal or notebook and a pen. To maintain the purity and security of our shared space, please abstain from alcohol, smoking, or the use of substances before the practice. Adherence to this is essential for participation. Also, please avoid any intoxicants the night before to ensure a clear and present experience. Kindly complete the form below. This helps us ensure to create a safe setting and a tailored and transformative experience for everyone. MEDICAL FORM:

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  • Rue de l'Hôtel des Monnaies 79, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Bruxelles, Belgium

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