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Holistic Breathwork, Embodiment & Yoga Retreat in Portugal

30th November - 7th December 2024 

Bodhi Bhavan, Portugal, Monchique

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Metamorphosis - Your Journey of Transformation

Do you feel ready for a change, to let go of the old?

Are you longing for some time out to meet yourself on all levels?

Would you like to connect with the essence of nature to sharpen your senses?

What makes this Retreat special

The profound connection between movement, breath and emotional well-being in a healing and safe environment will enable you to unfold your potential for holistic transformation. We offer you a supportive framework and a protected space for personal growth and healing. Use the space to connect with yourself and your fellow human beings and nature. We place particular importance on creating enough time for integration so that you can experience lasting transformation. After the retreat, you will have a valuable collection of practices to guide you on your journey. You will receive guidance and support in developing your personal self-care routine to ensure that the valuable sensations, experiences and insights of the retreat transfer into your everyday life. We encourage you to set your own personal intention that will guide you on your unique journey and strengthen your sense of purpose and the deeper meaning of your experiences.We, Maria and Nicola, welcome you to join us on a unique journey for a week in the magical Portuguese mountains at the enchanting place "Bhodi Bhavan".


What to expect:

Explore yourself


Breathwork & Movement

Experience various breathing techniques and pranayama to use the breath as a bridge between body and mind. Discover also the power of your breath as a gateway to your emotional world with Conscious Connected Breathing. This technique can have diverse and profound positive effects on the body, the mind and the emotional world.

To optimally support our physical and mental wellbeing, each day is dedicated to a specific focus theme, carefully chosen to create an environment that encourages transformation at different stages. This structured approach allows us to gently guide you and channel the necessary energy to dive deeper and more meaningfully into our healing journey. Different holistic techniques such as movement, embodiment and mindfulness exercises will accompany you on your path.


Connect with the senses

Let yourself be accompanied by healing sounds. They ensure inner harmony and energy balance and take you on a journey into your inner world. You will be nourished by lovingly prepared Ayurvedic and vegan food. This relieves your system and allows energy to flow into the processes where it is needed. In addition, your senses of taste are sharpened and your appreciation of Mother Nature's resources is deepened. Experience the breathtaking beauty of nature with all your senses and allow its uniqueness and grounding energy to take its toll on you, giving you a break from everyday life. Discover the vibrant effect of essential oils and observe how they create inner balance. Immerse yourself in various body practices and experience different methods of bodywork. Sharpen your senses and strengthen the connection to your essence.



We accompany you in a holistic and trauma-informed way during the sessions to stimulate deep emotional processes and create a safe environment for transformation.

Experience the enriching and transformative energy of our group and experience the connection with yourself & like-minded people. We offer you space and tools for personal reflection and implementation to support your transformation process.
From transition to transformation. Experience yourself like a caterpillar in transition, in a cocoon for your transformation, in a warm shell, protected, developing your abilities, your wings, so that you can set off with full power and plenty of confidence.



Imagine nourishing your body with vegan Ayurvedic food that not only makes your body feel good, but also your soul. 

Spending time with like-minded people can also be a source of nourishment. It allows you to share experiences and energies that enrich your life and give you a sense of connection and acceptance. 

Withdrawing from everyday life, whether it's through meditation in the morning or a walk in nature, helps you to reconnect with yourself. These little breaks are essential for creating clarity and organizing your thoughts. They give you the opportunity to take a deep breath and fully experience the moment.

All these aspects of Nourishment lead to a deeper understanding of your true self and allow you to walk your path with ease and joy.

About us

Maria Helena - namaju

My vision is to support you on your journey through life. I want you to gradually let go of all the conditioning, expectations and shells that are holding you back - so that you can get to know the person who is waiting for you underneath these layers. My wish is for all of us to step into our full power, fully realize our potential and learn to have more confidence in our intuition.I want to accompany you on the path to your true essence and authenticity that lies beneath all the complexity. I began my own healing journey with my health history, after years in the social hamster wheel, a job in sustainable fashion as a product manager (M.A.) and pushing my own limitations on a bumpy path. The support of mentors allowed me to accelerate some of my own processes, as I was able to walk this path with loving guidance rather than alone.My journey of healing has developed into a path on which I feel empowered and I am privileged to support people in a holistic way. What began with yoga training and the self-employment that followed has now developed into holistic work based on Ayurveda & Coaching. Various methods and further training in the areas of Systemic Work, Embodiment, the Somatic System, Breathwork, Reiki, working as a Doula and also Massages give me a holistic view of body, mind and soul.

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I strive to encounter people in their authentic essence and recognize them in their pure being. My intention is to create a space where one can feel comfortable and unfold. In my work, I want to create a space where people can explore their inner world and strengthen their self-perception. I pursue these aspects both in my professional path as a therapist and in my roles as a Transformational Guide & Breathwork Teacher and Yin Yoga Teacher. My Master's in "Holistic Therapies and Salutogenesis" provides me with a comprehensive knowledge base. My personal experiences and encounters with the methods I have integrated into my work and, most importantly, into my life, strengthen and nourish me. My mission is to pass on these methods to others and accompany people on their journey.I believe that the connection of breath, body awareness, and personal development can unleash transformative forces. My approach is always oriented towards the connection of body, mind and soul. Through this holistic approach, I hope to support people in strengthening their connection to themselves and discovering their own unique and individual self-care rituals. I am convinced that together, in connection with ourselves, with our fellow human beings, nature, and all living beings, we can develop special powers.

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Accommodation & Price:

In the middle of the terraced property is the main house with 8 newly renovated bedrooms, which can be booked as single or double rooms. All are equipped with private bathrooms and central heating. The living room is the center and heart of the center with a large dining table for communal meals. A window front opens onto the terrace and there is a sitting area with a fireplace. While the lower part of the property is dominated by the forest garden, a vegetable garden and wild nature, the upper half is accessed by the pool. The 15 m long pool is also ideal for swimmers. There is a chill-out terrace with sun loungers around the pool.

A small footpath leads up to the Bodhi studio (50 sqm). On clear days, the studio offers breathtaking views of the mountains all the way to the wild west coast of Portugal in the distance.

The retreat costs are depending on single or double occupancy and includes accommodation, meals and our services as part of our work of the retreat. (Excluding flight, transportation costs, private excursions or additionally booked services)

Double Room

Early bird 1480 € (booking till 30th June 2024)

Regular 1830 €

Single Room

Early bird 1950 € (booking till 30th June 2024)

Regular 2300 €

Transfers can be organized on request.

Get Inspired


Poio de Medronhal

8550-233 Monchique



This is an exemplary schedule that can be adapted within the framework of the retreat to the thematic fields and needs.


7 AM Tea

7:30 - 8:30 AM Yoga

9 - 10:30 AM Breathwork

10:30 AM Brunch



3 - 4:30 PM Workshop/Excursion

5 - 6 PM Movement Unit

6 PM Dinner

8 PM Joint conclusion of the day

Registration and Contact:

If you are ready for "Metamorphosis - Your Journey of Transformation", we look forward to welcoming you at Bodhi Bhavan in Portugal. Contact us for more information and registration.

Embark on your journey!

Let go, rediscover yourself and find harmony in your life. Your journey to transformation and holistic living begins here. Be ready for a profound, transformative experience!

Ps.: Have a look at the location or their Instagram account! You'll find some impressions there :)

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